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Travisa Outsourcing - Tanzanian Visas

Travisa Outsourcing processes Tanzanian visa requests for residents of the United States wishing to travel to Tanzania. The Tanzanian Embassy has given Travisa Outsourcing permission to handle mailed Tanzanian visa applications. "We have revolutionized the way people get their visas", said Jan Dvorak, President of Travisa Outsourcing.

Our step by step process ensures fewer mistakes and our real time passport tracking provides confidence that your passport is handled safely and efficiently. We will keep you notified by email as your visa is processed. To get started, click Get A Tanzanian Visa.


Our Mail Center is in Washington DC. We strongly recommend applying by mail due to long lines at the offices. Our state-of-the-art tracking system allows you to track the progress of your application from start to finish.

Processing Time

Tanzanian visas issued through Travisa Outsourcing typically take 6-10 business days once all documentation has been submitted. Faster processing is available from the consulate for an additional fee. Please see the Consular Fees section for more details.

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The Travisa Visa App for iPhone® is great for frequent international travelers and international travel managers who need to know country visa requirements fast, and don't want to wait until they have computer internet access.

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